EZ Online Enrollment

Thanks for your interest in Online Banking.

After reviewing the information here, you must click the link below to review the entire Online Banking Agreement And Electronic Funds Transfer Disclosure before proceeding to the enrollment screen.

Your required Enrollment Code will be presented at the end of the disclosure. Please make a note of it.

Through our easy self-enrollment process you can enroll your account if you wish to access it through Online Banking quickly and securely.

Before getting started, please make sure that you have the following items:

-Your Account Number
-Your Social Security/Tax ID Number
-The email address on file with the Bank
-Your Enrollment Code provided in the disclosure information

If you would rather not provide this information and still wish to enroll, either visit a branch or contact us at 1-800-888-1498.

If your enrollment process is accepted, you will receive a confirmation email. You must confirm your identity through a link in this email. You must access this link within one hour and from the same computer and browser you used to fill out the enrollment application.

Click the I AGREE button to continue.